Rajinikanth Politics Memes

April 07, 2018

Rajinikanth to join politics: BJP a likely ally, May be he start a new party too but superstar may face difficulty overcoming Dravidian barriers. A day after Rajinikanth's speech, his effigy was burnt in Coimbatore by TPDK movement members claiming that he insulted Tamilians. But the next disaster was waiting to happen in Chennai. Many political parties and movements are opposing this move by Superstar Rajinikanth. He assured that he is gonna start a political party very soon and face next TN elections.

Common public on social media platform also not encouraging this move of Superstar Rajinikanth but there are also many people who welcome Rajinikanth into politics. Here we collected some of Rajinikanth political entry funny memes. Watch and laugh out loud. 

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