Vaiko and MNK memes

February 11, 2017

The founder and General Secretary of the Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam, MDMK leader vaiko and Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam (DMDK) leader Vijayakanth(makkal nalla kootani cm candidate) leads the new political party Makkal Nala Kootani(People's Welfare Coalition) as now Captain Vijayakanth Kootani in Tamil Nadu to face the coming assembly election 2016 in Tamil Nadu.Makkal Nala Kootani is coalition of leading political parties in Tamil Nadu, includes MDMK, DMDK, the Communist Party of India, and CPI(M).

All makkal nala kootani parties MDMK,CPI,CPIM,VCK and DMDK had alliance with two major political parties DMK and AIADMK before for several years, and all these parties never competed as single till now and they always had a alliance with these two major parties DMK and AIADMK. Before forming this MNK party all these parties were had alliance negotiations between these two major parties, but it was not successfull as they expected.

Recently Polimer TV channel interviewed MDMK leader vaiko and reporter started like, AIADMK party given you Rs.1500 crores to form MNK party. Suddenly vaiko stood up and said interview was over and he moved out from channel immediately. But reporter said still interview was not yet over and still i didn't even complete my question, but vaiko didn't bothered reporter.

Public election 2016 predictions, whether Makkal Nala Kootani an alternative to DMK and ADMK parties in 2016 Tamilnadu assembly election? but absolutely not. The main intention to form MNK party is to make DMK party to be out of competition in future elections and according to public, MNK party is an AIADMK party's team B.

Election department announced, on coming 16th May 2016 will be an election day in tamil nadu and counting will be done on 19th May 2016 and on same day we will come to know the next Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

Though people welcome this alliance but still there are many opposition parties of Tamilnadu like DMK and Congress who keeps mentioning that this alliance is a B team of Jayalalitha's ADMK and DMK party men trolls vaiko and other leaders by putting up Vaiko memes, Makkal Nala Kootani Memes across socialmedia. Vijayakanth also joined this alliance and now it looks to be a promising alliance to face this upcoming elections. Here are the collection of those Vaiko memes and makkal nala kootani memes.

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