ADMK Political Party Memes and Trolls

March 30, 2018

Tamil nadu election is about to happen in near future so socialmedia is going berserk with tamilnadu political memes even ruling party ADMK is been trolled by many. DMK supporters troll ADMK and some meme creators who supports Vijayakanth and Makkal Nala Kootani also troll Jayalalitha and ADMK on Facebook by posting ADMK Troll Memes on their pages. There wasnt any much memes against ADMK untill Chennai Floods but later ADMK government getting more negative remarks from public so meme creators also started trolling the party by posting AMMA Sticker Memes and ADMK Party Men Memes mostly.

ADMK Manifesto released on targeting tamilnadu elections 2016 few days back in Perundurai public meeting by Jayalalitha. Due to many freebies people on socialmedia were started trolling the ADMK party with many troll posts. Normally there will be opponents for tamilnadu government but still earlier in 2015 there were not much negativity or trolls against ADMK but in recent past Anti ADMK troll posts have been increased on socialmedia.  Here is the collection of ADMK Memes and Amma sticker memes for you from various Facebook and Whatsapp sources.

After Amma's death Sasikala trys to come to the power. Sasikala named as temporary secretary of Admk but later due to Supreme Court sentenced 4 years for  Sasikala and now she is in Bangalore prison. Meanwhile OPS opposed it and he along with many party workers too opposed Sasikala and group. Later TTV dhinakaran steps in as Deputy secretary of Admk and contested in RK Nagar by election but due to lot of problems Election commission cancelled the by election. After few days it has come to know that TTV dhinakaran offered money to EC through a broker to get party symbol. Delhi police filed case and they are in talks with TTV . Meanwhile OPS team is in talks with EPS team to join together and move forward the government. 

After lot of efforts both teams joined together. Ops had become the deputy CM of TN. 

Jayalalitha death memes and quotes are given here 

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