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H raja twitter memes

BJP Leader H Raja memes & trolls

Most of the Tamil people hate H. Raja for his bad speech and fact he is one of the major reason why even educated people in TN hate bjp. Here are the H Raja Memes and Trolls

Pictures of hot summer days

Summer Hot Memes and Trolls

Summer in Tamilnadu! This year its almost about to reach 40 degree soon as of now its fluctuating around 36 degree in the month of April. Here are the Summer Memes for you

Tamizhisai soundararajan comedy

BJP Tamilisai Soundararajan Memes and Trolls

Tamilisai Soundararajan is a President of the Tamilnadu Bharatiya Janata Party. She was a National Secretary of the Bharatiya Janata Party. Tamilisai also called as Dumilisai (sound of gun) by Meme creators. Here is the Tamilisai memes and trolls

Tamil comedy memes download

Best comedy memes in Tamil provides you all the latest funny tamil memes

Rajini new party name memes

Rajinikanth political entry memes

Rajinikath enters politics, says he will form new party and contest all 234 seats of Tamil Nadu in the next assembly elections. Here is Rajinikanth political entry memes

Vatal nagaraj memes

Karnataka vs Tamilnadu Cauvery River Memes

Memes floated by Karnataka and Tamilnadu netizens abusing each other in Cauvery River dispute.

 Husband and Wife Jokes Tamil memes

Husband and Wife Jokes Tamil Memes

Funniest Husband wife jokes check out the hilarious memes of being in a marriage! Whoever's wife calls first pays the bill funny meme.

Rajinikanth imaieyamalaie memes

Rajinikanth Politics Memes

Rajinikanth to join politics: BJP a likely ally, May be he start a new party too but superstar may face difficulty overcoming Dravidian barriers.

Harbhajan Singh as Bharathiyar

Harbhajan Singh Tamil Memes

From the day one Harbhajan bumping to Chennai Super Kings he started tweeting in Tamil language. By doing this Turbanator from Punjab won te hearts of local people before putting the yellow jersey. Here are Harbhajan Tamil Memes

Admk MP tharkolai Memes

ADMK Political Party Memes and Trolls

Tamil nadu election is about to happen in near future so socialmedia is going berserk with political memes even ruling party ADMK is been trolled by many.