O Paneerselvam and EPS Memes

November 20, 2017

Ottakarathevar Panneerselvam (born 14 January 1951) is an Indian politician who is serving as the CM since December 6, 2016. He previously served in the same office in 2001-02 and 2014-15. He is a member of the AIADMK and was a staunch loyalist of its leader Jayalalithaa. His first two terms as chief minister came to be when he replaced Jayalalithaa in the role, after she was forced to resign by the courts. His third and current term began following Chief Minister Jayalalithaa's death. 

Tamil Nadu chief minister O Paneerselvam on today night(7th Feb 2017) said he was forced to resign from the post, addressed on standing near where former chief minister J Jayalalithaa was buried.

Here are the quotes from him on press at the memorial of former chief minister Jayalalithaa on Marina Beach:

1. When Jayalalithaa was receiving treatment at Apollo, Amma said party's should be chairman E Madhusoodhanan should be made general secretary and I should be chief minister.

2. After I took oath as chief minister of tamil Nadu, Health Minister Vijayabhaskar came to me and told Divakaran needs Sasikala to be general secretary of ADMK party.

3. During jallikattu protests, as a chief minister, I approached PM Modi regarding the ordinance and amendment. But deputy speaker Thambidurai came there with 50 MPs for an appointment to meet the PM. 

4. Meanwhile Revenue Minister RB Udhayakumar said VK Sasikala should be the chief minister.

5. Governor asks me to prove my support on the floor of the Assembly.

6. I was being insulted after having been made as chief minister of TN.

7. I had no idea that a meeting of the MLAs had taken place. 

8. They threatened to take disciplinary action against me if I refused to toe their line.

9. If the party workers or the people of the state are with me, I will take my resignation back and I will continue be state welfare.

Public opinion on O Paneerselvam statement:

1. After OPS broke his silence and spoke the truth about the cunning Sasikala and her family the people of TN will salute OPS and support him.

2. Let us hope TN will be save from the hands of sasikala &co .I salute OPS and wish best of luck.

3. Fortunately, OPS came out to-day. Other wise Natarajan & Gang would have made him “President” of WOMENS WING of AIADMKA!!! Dr. Swamy does appear to know Natarajan’s community. Signature on the resignation letter could have been obtained with a “Sharp object” around OPS’s neck !! Thank God 11 Tamil’s pride has NOT been destroyed totally.

4. Power hungry mafia leader Sasikala should not become CM under this circumstances. She should be banned from politis and forced to resign ill-got wealth obtained in last 26 years.

5. This will act as starting point of opposition to impending CM in AIADMK .Well done Ex CM to speak the truth at the appropriate time.

6. Looks.. he is waiting for people support... damn what going wrong with these person... who has the power to serve the people but still they have to take permissions from their stupid boss... may be he is not guilty people chosen him... but a person who not have the courage to take right decision for himself... how he could take for his people... have some courage n do something on the behalf if yr work yr confidence rather than serving ammaa.. chinaanaa on the name of people.

After 5 months and lot of trouble and issues OPS joined with EPS, ADMK also merged successfully but TTV dhinakaran supporters are against this. Here are the O Paneerselvam memes, also people look in the name of OPS Memes and Trolls

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