Subramanian Swamy Memes, Trolls and Tweets

February 11, 2017

Subramanian Swamy is generally regarded as The Man You Don't Mess With.  Teacher, economist, mathematician, politician, rebel, crusader, dog lover, all this and much more, this Tam Braham (Tamil Brahmin) was born into a family of intellectuals, which he himself described as “a long line of fighting Brahmins’. 

Swamy’s relentless name-calling has caused an explosive reaction from pro-jallikattu protesters, who see a grave insult to all Tamilians. The pro-jallikattu protests on the ground in Tamil Nadu have been completely peaceful, but social media is a different beast altogether. A major target of protester’s ire on social media is BJP MP Subramanian Swamy, thanks to his tweets calling the protesters, “porukkis”, which roughly translates to “rowdies” or “thugs”.

Swamy first kicked off tempers on Twitter when he tweeted that any jallikattu events transgressing the Supreme Court ban should invite President’s Rule in Tamil Nadu.

Many of the voices raised against Swamy have lashed out at the BJP leader for making such abusive comments even as their protests have stayed completely peaceful and even earned the praise of the local police for it.  

Here is the Subramanian Swamy Memes and Subramania Swamy Funny Tweets Troll collections.

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