‪‎Irudhi Suttru‬ Movie Public Talk and Ritika Singh Expressions

March 17, 2016

Irudhi Suttru movie talks about the politics in boxing federation and how the coach Prabhu overcomes it and produce a champion Madhi for India. Sudha Kongara directed a billingual movie, Irudhi Suttru in Tamil and Saala Khadoos in Hindi acted by Maddy Madhavan as Coach of Haryana Women's boxing federation and Ritika Singh as boxer from Chennai. Public opinion on this movie is higly positive as fans on social media are prasing irudhi suttru by saying this is 2016 best movie so far and they expressed their opinions with Memes. Here is the collection of Irudhi Suttru Memes, Ritika Singh Memes and Madhavan Memes..

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