Ajith fans copy logic memes and trolls

April 20, 2016

Ajith fans trolled by Vijay fans for claiming many usual scenes as copy from Theri teaser. Socialmedia is spreaded by Theri memes, trolls and celebration memes since last Friday. i.e., Feb 5th 2016 as Vijay's Theri teaser got released on Youtube. Vijay fans are celebrating the teaser by publishing celebration and theri hit memes but on the other side as usual their rivalry fans are mocking the trailer with spreading negative memes and trolls. Neutral public is enjoying this fights between these two actors fans on Facebook and Twitter due to Theri teaser. Ajith fans are posting memes as many scenes from theri teaser are been copied from several ajith movies so vijay fans now started replying back with their own trolls about ajith fans copy cat memes. Here you go for the same.

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