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Monday sad feelings memes

Monday work memes

Here are few Monday Memes to help you get through this awful, pitiful day. We hope this Monday work memes will help you out to relax.

New year expectation vs reality memes

Hilarious New Year Eve Trolls

Some new year eve memes you would love to see are listed here

Boys before marriage and after marriage troll memes

Love marriage vs Arrange Marriage Memes, Jokes and Trolls

The love marriage vs arrange marriage debate is one that will may never be resolved. Here are Love marriage vs Arrange Marriage Memes and Trolls

IPhone 7 troll memes

Apple iPhone 7 Memes and Trolls

Apple is launching the iPhone 7 and 7 plus on Sep7 from 6pm UK time at its September 2016 product launch, one of the biggest events on the technology calendar. We're anticipating Tim Cook to unveil two new iPhones, the 7 and the 7 Plus, as well as the Apple Watch 2. 

Puratasi month over non veg memes

Puratasi Month Non Veg Memes in Tamil

Purattasi Month is the sixth month in a traditional Tamil calendar. It is a highly auspicious month and is dedicated to Lord Venkateswara (Lord Vishnu). Among the Tamil months only on this Purattasi month fast of abstienence of meat eating is observed. Here are Puratasi Month Non Veg Memes

Titanic movie prisma effects

Prisma iOS App and its Socialmedia Wave

Prisma - The photo editing app that's taken over the internet. Prisma allows you to apply filters to your images. Here are the funny prisma app memes in tamil. Prisma morphs your photos into fine art like Picasso or Mondrian, and it's blowing up the iOS app charts