What if Tamil actors endorse famous brands??!!

November 08, 2016

Celebrities have an overwhelming influence on a common man's life. Lets go for a funny ride looking what brands can be endorsed by popular Tamil actors, Its just a fantasy funny collection of memes so just laugh out louder and move on. Lets see Actor Surya firstly, We can endorse him in one of the famous soundbar in town, yes its Bose sound bar as we all know about his dubbing in Singam movie. Vadivelu can endorse Dairy milk, Happy dent could have been endorsed by late comedy actor Kumarimuthu, Redbull brand can be endorsed by Actor Vishal as he is very famous for flying in ambala movie police jeep which replicates the redbull tagline "Give you wings", L'oeral can be endorsed by 1980's star Ramarajan as he use the lipsticks those days in most of his films. 

Villain actor Raghuvaran is famous for his different and unique tone so he can endorse Vicks and here comes our versatile TR, he can endorse ervamatin for thick and healthy hair as he always looks with beard and long hair. Its turn to learn some english so lets bring Major Sundaraajan sir to endorse the Oxford dictinoaries and last but not least Mr.Aravindsamy, he can endorse Havells lights as this brand syncs with his famous dialogue "Naan elam irutalaye valravan" from Thani Oruvan movie. 

Image source: Chennai memes facebook page

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