New tamil movies online review memes

July 28, 2016

Recently our superstar's actor Rajinikanth's new tamil movie 'kabali' is released hits the screen on 22nd July 2016, directed by Pa. Ranjith and Radhika Apte, Dhansika, Kalaiyarasan and John Vijay in lead roles.

Mostly for tamil movies, in online, movie review will be given by Tamil Talikes(Blue sattai), prashanth & Baki and many others. Their reviews about the tamil movies will be bad mostly and most of the great actors fans will be get disapponited by their reviews about tamil film industry & latest tamil movies.

Here are the mixed comments we recevied about them after 'kabali' movie review by Tamil Talikes,

1. If u really want this guy to change his shirt color please comment. 2. Poda loosu payyale.. guys this(Kabali) is a different movie and reality movie, this movie is being killed by reviewers and has a decent review by people. 3. Excellent, Entertaining and Truthful Review! Keep it Up. 4. Few questions for you:     1. Did u watch the movie?     2. Why are you talking about politics?     3. There is a story in the movie, which your mind doesn't have the capacity to understand?     4. There are many scenes to cherish, probably u have not watched any of vintage thalaivar movies n his acting?     5. Single Answer from me for all your talks "Unmai oru naal vellum" the movie has already broke records, we don't care ur critics, Magilchi?. 5. Don't Stop ur Reviews Some ppl will Stand for Truth ... I m wit u .... U hav guys to say it .... Every word so true ... 6. Dai Blue shirt ah. Your time pass is to review movie. you dont even know how to review.. Un moonjiya yellam paaka mudiyala.. thuuuuu!!!. Athavitu tu thalaivar america ponna unnaku enda. kuppa padam na. ....dai if you know to review do it already else shut...Innoru vato thalaivar pathi pesuna SERUPPADI tha de.. 7. only age factor sir.... people who have crossed 35 may realize their mistakes of spending this much money for a movie. why cannot they wait for a week and see the picture @ 120/-. please continue as usual your style of review and do no affected by seeing the comments. maturity and  financial knowledge will come to people only by age and life experience.  very nice advice to youths. no body will give advice like you including their parents. 8. He's purely showing his Personal Hatred & Revenge against Rajinikanth Sir in the name of Review. 9. Wen ur so fearless to speak about rajini sir. Den  no wrong in abusing like hell.. Here we go. U blue shirt dirty buffalo dung mini how dare u 2 speak abt rajini sir..instead of reviewing a movie like this its better u do some... work. Do some 1 from movie crew asked u to spend 1000s for this movie? How dare u speaking abt a womans bad.. 10. If you don't know how to review movies, just..., don't let your mouth talk shit, you will have to eat it someday, sooner or later, your time to get beaten blue, countdown started..

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