Insurance Memes and Trolls

June 14, 2016

Insurance is the ability to transfer the risk of loss which arises due to death, sickness, accidents, damage to property and many more.

Life is uncertain at times, one needs to be financially prepared to face. Having a insurance will secure an individual’s financial health as it will take care of the expenses occurred.

Insurance can be brought on anything which has economic value be it a car, two wheeler, or a house.

Insurance plans have become crucial as they not only protect, but also provide tax saving avenues for you. 

There are different types of insurance services provided by companies.  

* Money Back Insurance 

* Car Insurance 

* Term Life Insurance

* Child Plans

* Critical Illnes

* Health Insurance

* Travel Insurance

* Two Wheeler Insurance 

* Pension Plans

Endowment Policy 

Though lots and lots good things are there to tell about Insurance but common public make fun on people who sell insurance and the cold calls made by insurance companies so here are some insurance memes and insurance trolls for you.


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