Messi Retirement Memes

June 29, 2016

Lionel Messi is a greatest soccer player of his generation undoubtfully but he had a night to forget during the Copa America final Sunday, he missed a very important penalty kick before being awarded a dubious ‘runner-up prize’ - the internet crying memes

For better or worse, the Internet wastes no time in capitalizing on the emotions of athletes. This proved to be the case for Argentina’s Lionel Messi, the veritable GOAT of international soccer, when his tears after a heart-breaking loss to Chile in the Copa America championship quickly went viral, placing him in the ranks of other athletes whose crying moments have become legendary memes. 

Barcelona’s talisman may have won pretty much all there is to win at club level but Argentina’s loss to Chile on penalties means the Ballon d’Or holder has now lost four consecutive international finals.

Argentina's Messi was asked by his Prime Minister and many other fans to re consider his retirement from Internation Football too. Meanwhile Internet world took this event by spreading messi memes and football memes across the socialmedia without any delay. Here we bought you some of the Messi Retirement Memes and Trolls