Best of 2015: Cricket World Cup 2015 Unforgottable Memes

December 28, 2015

The year 2015 is unforgottable for cricket fans as this year we have seen a great world cup tournament which made many fans to laugh, proud, cry and smile. Here are few memes which remainds the moments which will be close to cricket fans heart for an decade. ABD crying after Southafrica's loss in quarter finals against made even Indians fans to feel pity for him. Pakistan vs India league match on Feb 14th was really a awesome day not only for both the countries but also for all cricket playing nation fans. Then Ravindra Jadeja's poor form during worldcup and his presence on the Team made many controverises with captain Dhoni and his friendship where CSK haters call it as CSK quota.

Virat Kohli who failed in many big matches during the world cup 2015 have also been trolled along with Anushka Sharma after the loss in semi final against Australia in which Virat Kohli scored only 1 run.

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