Syrian civil war memes & trolls

February 28, 2018

Here is the shortest and simplest explanation of What's happening in Syria, the same happened in Iraq and is a culmination of a lot of events starting from the US invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Why did the syrian war start:

There is a big oil & gas filed half in Qatar & another half in Iran.

Qatar & Saudi Arabia requested permission from Assad (ruling from since 2000) to build a big gas pipeline from Qatar to Europe passing through Sriya, but Assad said NO.

Later Iran wanted the same from Assad to make pipeline passing through Syria, Assad said YES.

This made both the countries Qatar & Saudi Arabia angry on them & they all threatened and latter called Assad as a mad dictator & decided to bring freedom to his country & started to kill his own people in his country.

Why Russia help Syria:

Everyone know Europe buying all gas needs from Russia, so if they build gas pipeline from Qatar to Europe, it will affect Russia economy.

US, Russia, Iran & Saudi Arabia are the countries involved in the sriya war.

Right now Sriya is not safe & people in sriya are not terrorists. The situation is its not safe to go to Sriya right now & no one can't come out from there.

This war is happening only for oil & gas and here are the memes, images & trolls for you.