Reliance Jio Memes

February 28, 2018

Reliance Jio 4G Preview offer is now available for all 4G-enabled smartphones. "The offer has been extended to virtually every 4G-compatible handset out there, but, a broader roll-out will take at least a week," is what we reported. 

Now, Reliance Jio has announced the extension of its Jio Preview offer to owners of Micromax, Yu, Asus, Panasonic, TCL, and Alcatel 4G smartphones, which means more people can officially get their hands on a Reliance Jio SIM and enjoy 3 months of unlimited calling, data, SMS, and access to Jio services like JioOnDemand.

Earlier Reliance Jio SIM was available to anyone with a 4G phone but not all stores are respecting that offer but only owners of select smartphone can definitely get one. 

The offer has been opened up for LYF smartphone users and subsequently to users of Samsung and LG 4G smartphones. Jio Preview offer is also available with JioFi (the Wi-Fi hotspot device) at Reliance Digital, Digital Xpress, and Digital Xpress Mini stores.

Existing users can meanwhile get their free Jio SIM by generating relevant Preview code on their phones using the My Jio app.

Meanwhile over Internet in Socialmedia people are going crazy with this free 4G internet annoucement from Reliance Jio, Many are welcoming and few are against it and commenting over it asusual. Here are the Reliance jio free 4g memes in tamil

Jio earlier announced that their offers will be over by March 31, 2017 but again they have extended it to April 15, 2017. 

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