Chennai aga Madras Day Proud Memes and Unknown Facts

August 22, 2016

Chennai - The first city of modern India. Chennai is celebrating its 377th Birthday today(Aug 22nd). As a modern city it is 50 years older than Kolkata and 35 years older than Mumbai. The capital city of Tamilnadu will celebrate Madras Week by dedicating seven days to the history, culture and traditions of the city.

It was on August 22, 1639 that British administrator Francis Day, along with his superior, Andrew Cogan, struck a deal with the Vijayanagar empire to acquire a stretch of no-man's land to build the city that came to be know as Madras.

According to city historian S. Muthiah, also known as "Mr. Madras", the city was first called Chennappanaikan. It was later known as Chennapattinam and then Madras.
The city was renamed as Chennai during 1996 by the government of Tamil Nadu state as a tribute to the original name of that region, Chennapatnam. 
One of the first things the East India Company did was to build Fort St. George. Madras grew rapidly around the fort, as trade and commerce flourished. 

Here are the Chennai day aga Madras day memes and unknown facts about chennai are here 

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