Actor Suriya and Premkumar Slap Issue Memes and Trolls

June 01, 2016

Whether Actor Suriya slapped a youth Premkumar on the road near Adyar? This is the hot topic going around on kollywood.  The 21 year old Premkumar filed a case against Actor suriya and later withdrawn it within a day. According to Prem Kumar's complaint, the actor assaulted him near Adyar Bridge and the 21 years old boy told that, his bike hit a auto when the lady in the vehicle put an unexpected sudden brake. 

Suriya who was on his way there, got down from the vehicle, intervened in the brawl and sent the lady off. However the young men claimed that Suriya had hit him and had lodged a complaint with the police. "I told the lady (owner of the car) that my bike has been damaged and asked her to cover the fix cost". The incident led to a huge traffic pile up on one side of the bridge. On social media this becomes hot topic for public, Few condemned suriya for taking rules on his own to punish the boy and started trolling him relating this issue with Singam cop Durai Singam. Ongi adicha ondra ton weight memes were correctly fit into this real life incident. On other side many people raised voice for Suriya saying this as good gesture. 

Here are the suriya slap young boy premkumar on road memes and trolls 

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