Vijayakanth's sarcastic comment on Media and followed by LOL Memes

December 28, 2015

Tamilnadu state assembly opposition leader Vijayakanth made a nastic comment over media by calling them as "Thuu" which refers a foul meaning in Tamil language. As said veteran actor Vijayakanth has stated that media doesnt have guts to question Tamilnadu chief minister Jayalalitha and then a reporter replied that Chiefminister is not conducting any press meet. Further he Mr. Vijayakanth added Media is run by big business man and you reporters will act according to their owners. This nasty conversation heated up the Tamilnadu Media which then blasted Vijayakanth on this issue. Though many supports Vijayakanth on Socialmedia by saying Tamilnadu media is not fit for this and they only run for TRPs but few people have also critisized Vijayakanth and Pressclub has also released a statement against Vijayakanth.

Here we have covered up few laugh out loud trolls and memes on this issue.

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