Tamilnadu bus fare hike memes

February 01, 2018

Tamil Nadu Government on Friday announced a steep hike in government and private bus fares, monthly bus pass price, bus pass cost, senior bus pass, weekly bus pass price, express bus fare ranging from 20 per cent to 55 per cent and no changes in bus schedule, bus times, bus service and bus timetable.

The government said the bus ticket prices have been increased due to the increase in the fuel prices by 50 per cent and automobile spare maintenance cost and increase in employees wages of the state bus transport corporations.

In town buses the fare has been hiked from a minimum of Rs. 3 to Rs. 5 and the maximum from Rs. 12 to Rs. 19.

The mofussil fare for a distance of 10 km has been increased by Rs 1 in ordinary service.

The fare for 30 km distance has been hiked from Rs 17 to  Rs 24 in the express/semi-deluxe service category.

The revision is steep in Volvo service from Rs 33 to  Rs 51, air-conditioned bus from Rs 27 to Rs 42, ultra deluxe from Rs 21 to Rs 33 and super deluxe from Rs 18 to Rs 27 categories.

The last revision was undertaken by the AIADMK government in November 2011 when diesel cost Rs. 43.10, whereas the price now was Rs. 65.83.  

People Reaction On Bus Fare Hike

1. In every district this government has spent crores of rupees in the name of MGR''s 100 years celebration. What was the need for it?

2. It is daylight loot. The government money spent on the vainglorious MGR centenary bash was a criminal waste.

3. Worst bus transportation in India considering the rudeness of the employees and the cleanliness and quality of the buses. To loot people money is for hike prices.

4. It’s high time to review unwarranted Freebies/subsides to compensate the Govt. expenditure. Complete revamping, restructuring of Transport Corporation(s) is need of the hour & it should be manned by an IAS Officer as before for effective administration. For mismanagement of Ruling Class/Officials, Common Man should not be punished like this. The Govt. instead of increasing the ticket prices more than one thirds at one go, the Govt. could have increased the fare gradually as in neighboring States like Karnataka, Kerala. A welfare State’s priority should be to provide (free or affordable) quality Education, Public Transport facilities, good health system etc. at affordable cost.