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Anbumani as Thanioruvan memes

TN Elections 2016 Special: Tamilnadu Polticians as heros memes

Tamilnadu politicians memes as compared with recent released movie titles.

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Who is the chief minister of Tamilnadu (TN) in 2016?

Who is the chief minister of Tamilnadu (TN) in 2016 is the viral talk going on among the Tamil people right now, Here are some of the memes which replicates the people mood on this matter.

Vijayakanth power dialogue

Vijayakanth effigy burnt and lets see how social media reacts

Vijayakanth made ADMK party men's anger by telling his party members to tare Chiefminister Jayalalitha's posters during his protest in thanjavur

News about vijayakanth thuu statement troll

Vijayakanth's sarcastic comment on Media and followed by LOL Memes

Tamilnadu Assembly Opposition Leader as well Veteran Actor Vijayakanth made a nastic comment over Media