Captain Vijayakanth Memes

February 11, 2017

In the meeting captain Vijayakanth announced that DMDK party will contest alone for tamil nadu assembly election 2016, i.e no alliance with any other political party in tamilnadu. This vijayakanth speech in the DMDK Meeting Manadu 2016 made disappointment for all political parties Kalaingar M. Karunanidi’s Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK), Indian National Congress (INC) already in alliance, BJP Leader Tamil Isai Soundarrajan.

Later after few days captain Vijayakanth declared, DMDK joins "Makkal Nala Koottani" for 2016 Tamil Nadu Assembly Election and MDMK leader Vaiko alleged that the DMK and BJP had made offering money to DMDK leader Vijayakanth, for the People's Welfare Vijayakanth rejected it and to fight the coming Assembly elections in Tamil Nadu.

Later V C Chandrakumar and some of his supporters , questioned Vijayakanth's logic behind aligning with PWF on the same day Vijayakanth expels 10 DMDK members for opposing PWF alliance from his party and said "Since they violated party discipline".

Tamil Nadu(TN) assembly election predictions about DMDK party:

1. This only shows that all of you are corrupt, earlier you were been offered money and seat, this time probably your demand was more or thought you can form a government with this alliance and loot more than what was offered or can even get more if its a hung assembly. India will never change nor most of the indians who vote (non-voter are even worst than the corrupt voters).

2. I beg everyone of my TN friends let us get someone new, we don't want Amma, Thatha, Vaiko, ramadoss or BJP. Let us make a change in our state. I am sick and tired of all these traditional parties. Please we can make a difference. We have enough good young people who can do wonders.

3. Will any Lawyer file a petition or approach the election commission to hold the political parties to their promises made in the manifesto? Parties should be asked to declare the time frame and priorities as well sothat the voters do not feel cheated, or taken for a ride.

4. Captain by nature he is aggressive. He can switch alliances even in last minute and VaiKo can not question it since he himself on 11th hour deserted DMK front to join ADMK front. To preempt any such possibility he is making wild charges so that captain can not switch sides at least till this election. But captain is a different kettle of fish. This wild allegation itself is a good reason for him desert this Front and possibly join BJP / NDA front considering the nature of allegations.

5. Everyone knows how Vaiko built a house for his daughter in USA just after the election alliance with DMK in the 2000s. His cadre will never forgive him for the betrayal.

6. At last, Vai ko can give 500 Crores 124 seats to vijayakanth to join in his alliance to lose its alliance deposits in max seats, to ensure amma victory in 2016 assembly Polls.

7. Vijaykanth was lucky last time having alliance with ADMK and secured good number of seats. This 24 hours drunken Vijaykanth is good for nothing. Karunanidhi and Stalin will make sure DMDK is destroyed before the election for sure. On behalf of Tamils, TN plan to give him also a wheel chair as a gift to keep company with Karunanidhi.

Captain Vijayakanth Welcomed Makkal Nala Kootani leaders and named it as Captain Vijayakant Kootani, Earlier there was a buzz that DMDK might join with DMK and face this TN Election 2016 but captain announced that he will face this election alone later makkal nala kootani leaders vaiko, thiruma met Captain and suddenly they have announced their alliance and named it as Captain Vijayakanth Kootani. Here are the Captain Vijayakanth Kootani Trolls and Memes. 

Let's wait till 19th March 2016, then we will come to know who is the chief minister of Tamil Nadu.

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