Anbumani Ramadoss PMK Memes and Trolls

June 02, 2016

Paataali Makkal Katchi is called as PMK, Its a regional political party from the state of Tamilnadu, India. Mr Ramadoss' son and party's chief ministerial candidate Anbumani and Ramadoss are both of the main leaders of the Party. Anbumani Ramodss was a union minister earlier under Manmohan Singh Government. There are many remarks against this political party as they work for a particular caste and community but they have also won many seats in past elections.

PMK party latest news:

  • Pattali Makkal Katchi's manifesto, which was released and listed below.
  • Anbumani ramadoss announced, for tamil nadu assembly election 2016, more seats will be allocated for women candidates.
  • PMK party decided, going to face this tamil nadu assembly elections 2016 independently.
  • PMK founder S Ramadoss alleged that DMK party copied as his party's manifesto schemes and now both the political parties manifesto are almost same.
  • PMK contesting all 234 Assembly constituencies in Tamil Nadu in the May16 elections.
  • As tamil nadu election dateis already announced, PMK party already released list of candidates for election day.

PMK party manifesto 2016:

  • Government to pay students fee in private schools as well.
  • Maternity allowance to be raised to Rs.20,000.
  • A litre of mail for all mothers till first birthday of the child.
  • CCTV surveillance in all government offices.
  • Life imprisonment for those convicted in hooch cases.
  • 33% reservation to be provided for women in police force.

PMK party news and comments from public:

  • Ready for washout? Perhaps it is all to the good. Community based parties like the PMK are better wiped off in the national interest.
  • Ramadoss is right, DMK has copied from the PMK manifesto. The DMK ideas are completely unoriginal and the so called manifesto is the same old wine in new bottles. That is why they were totally humiliated in the last Assembly and Parliament elections in TN by people who were sick and tired of them. But the DMK has nowhere to go except the adjoining Bay of Bengal. They are desperate for power and will do anything to get it, exactly as Sonia and Rahul's Congress is doing for power at the Center.
  • If you see this guy, he changed coalition with parties as we change dress everyday - all to keep son as a minister..he manipulated caste to form his party but now saying his is not a caste party! These liars should never be given a chance!
  • One term as the health minister , he created havoc at AIIMS. Closed government pharmaceutical factories and created his own. Totally incompetent and only fit to be a village doctor speciallizing for Vanniar symptoms like tree felling. PMK tv license should be cancelled for misleading and false propaganda.
  • this is a party for vanniyars as anbumani ramadoss caste. this should go out of political scene after this election.

As per department of election commision, tamil nadu election date is on 16th May 2016, People across social media have already started trolling and putting memes on election alliances and other stuffs. On 19th may 2016 we will come to know who is the next chief minister of Tamil Nadu. Here are some of the memes of collection of Anbumani Ramadoss of PMK party.