Yoga Day Funny Pics and Memes

June 22, 2016

The International Yoga Day has served as a bridge between ancient India and the modern world. On the first International Yoga Day past year(2015), Prime Minister Modi led thousands of people through various yogic exercises at Rajpath in New Delhi. With zero budget yoga provides health assurance and it does not discriminate between rich and poor. To know more about Yoga, Indian Army have said that a positive, well relaxed and de-stressed body and mind is the most significant benefit of yoga which in turn assists the soldiers to operate successfully, in such a challenging environment. 

Millions of people across India twisted themselves into complex yoga positions Tuesday June 21, 2016 as the country celebrated the 2nd year of International Yoga Day. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi joined some 30,000 people in a mass yoga workout to mark the second International Yoga Day.  Siddaramaiah yoga day funny pics are very popular and along with that here we have bought you the funny yoga pics taken during those Yoga events on International yoga day.  


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