Pokemon Go Game Memes

July 31, 2016

Recently Pokemon Go is a  viral game among smart phone users, Its market value have been raised to $7.5 billion since the launch of the game and a total of $9 billion dollars since July 1st week. In the few short days that Pokemon GO has overtaken our existence (RIP, my former life), the Internet has been appropriately and hilariously ablaze with memes. Here are some of the very best ones. 

Through this gallery of Pokemon go memes, we'll explain you the popularity of the game and why it is so popular in social. Actually the appeal of "Pokemon GO" is as much in talking about it as it is actually playing it. Pokémon GO's taken the universe by storm. Lives have been made, ruined, and everything in between by this kickass augmented reality game. 

These Virtual reality game POKEMON GO Memes are hilarious!

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