Goundamani Trolls, Memes and Jokes for Whatsapp and Facebook

January 08, 2017

Goundamani is a ace actor and comedian in Tamil film industry. Also popularly called as Counter, Gounder by Tamil Cinema Fans. He is also better know for his comic duo partnership with actor senthil. Goundamani is a guy where jokes meets sarcasm, His comedy scenes are eye opener for many who watch it, He always come up with a social messages through his funny dialogues. Goundmani template memes and goundmani template troll pics are most commonly used by tamil fans on socialmedia. Particulary you can see goundmani joke pics in whatsapp and goundmani funny memes in facebook too where many tamil movie audience keeps sharing it when they want to pull their friends leg.  Goundamani senthil comedy is the most rofl comedies of Tamilcinema.  In 2016 there was a news on Goundamani death and that goundamani death news spreaded as fake by some people on social media and later Goundamani filed an complaint. 

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